Craft: Character Development Keys

by on December 10, 2015

Craft: Character Development Keys

Almost nothing excites an agent, manager, producer or studio executive more than reading a script with fully realized, three-dimensional, and compelling characters.


1-week online screenwriting course

The philosophy at Screenwriting Master Class is that everything in the story-crafting process begins and ends with characters. In this 1-week online course, you will learn how to use five archetypes — Protagonist, Nemesis, Attractor, Mentor, Trickster — to develop your story’s characters and help them come to life.

  • From questionnaires to confessionals, free association to archetypes, you will learn the keys to crafting coherent, compelling and charismatic characters.
  • Workshop some of your own story’s characters and develop them by digging into their respective narrative functions.

Seven lectures written by Scott Myers

Special insider tips
Daily forum Q&As
Workshop writing assignments with instructor and class feedback
A 90-minute live teleconference between instructor and class members