The Quest 4-Day Writing Workshop with Scott Myers

by on December 10, 2015

The Quest 4-Day Writing Workshop with Scott Myers



(Note: This is the 4-day intensive workshop. If you’re looking for the 24-week personal workshop instead, click here.)

This writing workshop offers participants the opportunity to learn the foundation of character-based screenwriting, workshop an original story, and develop an outline, all in one 4-day session with Scott Myers as your teacher, mentor and guide.

Here is an overview of our four days together:

  • Day 1: We begin by digging into the first of three sections of the Core curriculum: Character. Then we workshop character treatments for the Protagonist from each writer’s story. Finally we explore a series of brainstorming exercises to engender each writer’s exploration of their story.
  • Day 2: We interweave theory and practice, covering two other Core sections — Plot and Theme — as well as Prep exercises designed to help writers wrangle their stories.
  • Day 3: We spend a majority of time workshopping stories, each writer exploring major Plotline points to construct the spine of their story’s narrative structure.
  • Day 4: Again most of the focus is on workshopping stories, the writers fleshing out major plot and subplot elements, rounding them into shape toward a comprehensive outline.

In addition, I create a private online site for workshop members where they continue the process after our time together, enabling and motivating them to complete their first draft.

Here are observations from some writers who have enrolled in Quest Writing Workshops:

“The Workshop time was unbelievable; your ability to foster such a positive, encouraging environment for the exchange of ideas is the reason it worked. Every single person grew their story from a loose idea into something that resonated deeply with the group.” — Jonathan Barger

“As an advertising writer I’ve been in a million brainstorms. But Scott’s classes are special. They’re more like braincyclones, where we generated a mass of powerful ideas that elevated our stories into places that surprised and delighted us all.” — Matt Sherring

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Scott and the other participants in the inaugural Quest Writers’ Workshop. There was a palpable electricity in the air while we worked, the kind you wish you could bottle up to take a drag from whenever you need to be inspired.” — Lisa Meacham

“Thank you again for a great workshop, the results far exceeded my expectations. I can’t believe how far my story came in just a few days. The four-day course literally saved me months of planning!” —- Louise Baxter

“I’m not trying to blow sunshine up your skirt when I say I got more out of those four days than I did all of grad school.” — Michelle Burleson

Why do I call it The Quest? Because if your goal is to write a great script, to learn how to think and write like a professional screenwriter, to be equipped to succeed as a writer in Hollywood, you are on a quest. And this workshop is for you.

  • If you have a story idea you believe is a strong one and you are passionate to write it…
  • If you want more of the fundamentals of my approach to character based screenwriting…
  • If you want to learn a proven, professional approach to breaking a story in prep…

I encourage you to consider enrolling in one my upcoming Quest Writing Workshops.

Enroll now!

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