Craft: Pixar Scene-Writing Tool Box


Take a closer look at how they have made their  finest movies work so well at Pixar. Great scenes are what Pixar movies are all about. They never stand alone. Each has a style dictated by its place in the story. Expand your approach to scene writing by checking in on how they do it at Pixar.



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Class Title: Craft: Pixar Scene-Writing Tool Box
Class Type: 1-Week Online Screenwriting Class
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Class price: $95

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  • Enhance your use of scene writing craft tools — using classic Pixar scripts as role models.
  • Workshop a scene from your own script project
  • Learn simple techniques to amplify story and character in your next script
  • Strengthen your knowledge of the fundamentals of scene structure
  • Expand your storytelling abilities
  • Acquire simple skills to build better scenes — step by step
  • Learn to approach each scene in your script with a specific craft tactic
  • Share and workshop one of your own scenes and receive feedback from Instructor and class member
  • Four Lectures by Tom Benedek
  • Scene Workshop – Present one of your scenes for class discussion
  • 90-minute SkypeTeleconference with Instructor and Class Members
  • Pixar scripts/scenes for study
  • Daily Forum Q&As


  • You will learn to write better scenes
  • You will study the ways Pixar uses scene structure
  • You will see new ways in which dramatic elements dictate scene style
  • Identify the Scene Type/Genre You Need For Every Writing Session
  • You will pick up invaluable craft knowledge through great scenes from Pixar movies
  • You will work on one of your own scenes and discover ways to make it shine


  • Beginning Screenwriters
  • Advanced Screenwriters
  • Novelists
  • TV Writers

$125.00Add to cart