Craft TV: Creating the Original Television Series


TV pilot scripts are just like feature scripts in many ways AND there are major differences. With lectures, interviews, workbook writing assignments and more, this class will ground you in all the details you need to write your own original TV series pilot.

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Class Starts: January 15, 2018

Class Title: Craft TV: Creating the Original Television Series
Class Type: 10-day online screenwriting course
Class Presenter: Tom Benedek
Class price: $95

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Learn fundamentals for structuring your original TV pilot script








Immersion into the TV creator’s character and story development proces








  • Family of Characters
  • Episode Act Structure
  • Pilot Plots and Sub-Plots

In the class, Major Executive Producer/Writers-Showrunners and a TV literary agent will share fascinating insights into the medium and their creative processes:

Ed Bernero – Criminal Minds
Blake Masters – Brotherhood, Two Guns, 
Josh Brand – The Americans, Northern Exposure, St. Elsewhere


Live Online Q and A with a TV literary agent — ALL your questions about the TV writing business answered

The 10 day class includes:

  • 4 Posted Lectures
  • 2 Workbook Assignments to jump-start your original pilot script — you will get solid feedback on your TV project
  • 4 Invaluable Video Interview Sessions
  • Live Q and A with TV Literary Agent
  • Skype Teleconference Writing Workshop
  • 24/7 Discussion Forums
  • 24/7 Availability of All Lectures, Interviews, Class Materials


  • Strategies for constructing the world of your show
  • Techniques to create a family of characters
  • Methods to brainstorm your pilot’s plot and story
  • Ways to plan your series pitch
  • Approaches for season arcs, series arcs, story bibles
  • Live Q and A session with TV Literary Agent to get answers to your questions

Major Executive Producer/Writers-Showrunners will share fascinating insights into the medium and their creative processes:e

Ed Bernero – Criminal Minds

Blake Masters – Brotherhood, 2 Guns

Josh Brand – The Americans, Northern Exposure, St. Elsewhere

Live Online Q and A Session with a Television Literary Agent- —  All your questions about the TV writing business answered








Screenwriters, TV writers, novelists, and playwrights who want to empower their writing and enrich their characters through the use of archetypes.


“I have taken two classes with Tom, and both were remarkable. I not only learned a great deal, but also found myself part of a very supportive and dedicated community of writers. Tom set a perfect tone, emphasizing craft and commitment while at the same time encouraging us to experiment, play with ideas, and create.” – Erin O’Connor

I have thoroughly enjoyed the lectures and Tom’s insight, encouragement, and feedback. I highly recommend these courses to anybody — from beginners to those farther on the screenwriting path.” – Goran Spoljaric

“Tom is terrific. For someone like me who’s read the basic texts and slogged through writing several less-than-great pilot scripts, his approach and insightful comments were really helpful.” – Chris Cowley

“What makes Tom stand out are: his ethics; his true caring and concern for each student and that student’s work; and his commitment to help each student successfully get what he or she needs to learn next to write a polished script — whether for the big screen or for tv. Thanks, Tom” – Melodie Beattie


The Craft Package offers eight Craft classes for nearly 50% off and enables you to go through all of the content on your own time! For more information, go here.


  • Access courses anytime and anywhere on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Learn the craft amidst a supportive, lively, and fun online community from around the world.
  • Receive feedback from instructors who know the business and have a passion for teaching.

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