I have developed a course of study which mirrors the way I approach my writing practice. I love to learn about writing. I am constantly trying to reinforce my strengths and learn new approaches in the areas where I seek growth — to improve my writing, enhance my craft technique. With The Process, I seek to inspire, consolidate strengths, nurture craft abilities throughout the phases of a script project.

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The Process
20 Week Private Study Workshop Course
with Tom Benedek

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  • This private online screenwriting workshop will provide you with your own personalized journey of study based on your own strengths/ areas for growth.
  • You will enjoy engaging online lessons, a structured, and most importantly, a personalized writing environment for you to create your next original script or TV.

I believe that there is no reason to ever write a script if you are not personally fulfilled by the process. The act of writing has to be emotionally valuable. That is how I keep writing, why I must write.

Of course, we all have goals for our writing projects. We want them to land somewhere and become a movie or a TV series.
Simultaneously, the process of writing itself is all important.


  • Comprehensive Assessment of Your Recent Feature Script or TV Script
  • Collaborative Creation of Personalized Study Rubric — Based on Your Writing Strengths/Areas for Growth
  • Accessible and Complete Script Writing and/or TV Structure and Craft Online Course Work
  • Flexible yet Firm Writing Timelines for Your Next Writing Project
  • Read, Watch, Great Feature and/or TV Scripts as You Learn to Write Better Pages, Stories.



  • Assessment and Discussion of Your Writing Project
  • Four weeks of private tutorials covering the craft topics you want and need to focus on, based on your personal script assessment rubric. (You may also simultaneously start working on your outline during this phase.)
  • Weekly private teleconferences with Tom Benedek.

The Beats:

  • Six weeks, six writing assignments to go from concept to outline.
  • Weekly private teleconferences workshop with Tom Benedek.


  • Ten weeks, ten writing assignments to complete the first draft of your feature script or TV project.
  • Weekly private teleconferences with Tom Benedek.

To discuss your goals or if I can answer any questions, please email me:

The Process —  20 weeks of private study

$2,000.00 Add to cart