Core V: Dialogue

by on December 10, 2015

Core V: Dialogue

Nothing catches the eye of a script reader or actor more than distinctive, entertaining dialogue.


1-week online screenwriting course

In a movie, a character conveys their inner life in two ways: action and dialogue. As such, dialogue is critically important to the success of your screenplay. This 1-week online screenwriting course teaches you key principles and practices for writing strong dialogue that derives from the inner world of the character.

  • Learn ways to dig into your characters to find their distinctive voices as well as time-proven tools to write dialogue that is realistic and compelling.
  • Use what you have learned by workshopping one of your story’s primary characters, discovering the synergy between who they are and what they say.

Six lectures written by Scott Myers
Special insider tips
Daily forum Q&As
Workshop writing assignments with instructor and class feedback.
A 90-minute live teleconference between instructor and class members.