A unique 24 week online program combining a comprehensive approach to screenwriting theory, story prep, and writing a first draft.



Class Title: The Quest
Class Type: Online (24 weeks)
Class Presenter: Scott Myers
Class Price: $2000

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The Quest is a 24 week private online screenwriting program that teaches you all the theory you need to know and a structured environment in which you prep an original story and write a full-length feature screenplay.


  • If you have studied screenwriting, but feel confused by contradictory and confusing screenplay paradigms…
  • If you are just beginning and want a comprehensive, coherent approach to screenwriting, but don’t know where to go…
  • If you want to learn screenwriting theory, then put it to use in writing an original full-length screenplay…
  • If you need the structure of an online course environment to compel you to really make progress in your learning and writing…
  • If you are looking to take a giant stride forward in your understanding of the craft and your writing ability in a compressed period of time…

The Quest is for you!


CORE: Eight weeks covering the essential aspects of screenwriting: Plot, Concept, Character, Style, Dialogue, Scene, Theme, Time. 48 lectures [over 250 pages] written by Scott Myers, weekly workshop exercises, and teleconferences with Scott as your private mentor.

PREP: Six weeks, six lectures, six writing assignments to develop one of your original stories from concept to outline, all lectures written by Scott, who also provides extensive one-on-one feedback on your writing assignments, plus teleconferences.

PAGES: Ten weeks, ten lectures, ten writing assignments to pound out a first draft of your original screenplay, all lectures written by Scott, who also provides extensive script page notes, plus teleconferences.


Because if your goal is to write a great script, to learn how to think and write like a professional screenwriter, to be equipped to succeed as a writer in Hollywood, you are on a quest. And this workshop is for you.


“The Quest changed my life. It gave me the structure to be immersed in screenwriting and the flexibility needed to write and accommodate work and family life. And not only did I come out with a quality screenplay, but a practical approach that I can apply to each script I write.”

Taylor Gordon

“Throughout the process you have a friendly, knowledgeable instructor to guide, cajole, inspire, and get you through any tough moments. Scott has been a perfect mentor for me – you know you are being led by someone who really understands the mechanics of screenwriting while never forgetting the passion and vision of the writer.”

Kevin Graham

If you are truly serious about learning the craft, you must immerse yourself in it. I honestly believe The Quest screenwriting program enables you to do this.

Think about it: Your own personalized schedule, your own online course site, and a professional screenwriter and educator as your mentor.

Take the next step in your creative adventure. Join… The Quest.

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