Pages I: Writing The First Draft


There is only one rule for writing a first draft:

Get the damn thing done. ~ Scott Myers

Write your first draft in a safe and supportive workshop environment. Increase your craft knowledge in screenwriting. Learn a professional approach to use for all future script projects. Receive constructive feedback along the way from the instructor and fellow writers.



Class Starts: March 12, 2018

Class Title: Pages I: Writing the First Draft
Class Type: Online (10 weeks)
Teacher: Tom Benedek
Class Price: $795


In this 10-week online workshop, a series of posted lectures, weekly writing assignments, workshop teleconferences and personalized feedback are designed to help you move from FADE IN to FADE OUT


Using examples from The Shape of Water, Lady Bird, The Social Network, Gladiator, Amelie, Michael Clayton, The Devil Wears Prada and other scripts, posted lectures and discussions will cover:

  • Understanding Screenplay Structure
  • Building the Story Outline/Beat Sheet
  • Creating Characters
  • Developing Subplots
  • Writing Dramatic Scenes
  • External Conflict
  • Internal Conflict


  • Weekly writing assignments(with due dates) to motivate you to write pages
  • Weekly teleconference workshop meetings with instructor and class members
  • Written lectures and optional script readings each week
  • 24/7 Online Forum Q&As moderated by Instructor


Screenwriters at any level of experience who want to start and finish a complete screenplay draft over this ten-week period.


“My knowledge and confidence in storytelling has improved tenfold since taking part in the Pages course. I have thoroughly enjoyed the lectures and Tom’s insight, encouragement, and feedback. I highly recommend his courses to anybody — from beginners to those farther on the screenwriting path”. ~ Goran Spoljaric

“Tom’s questions and suggestions challenge you to push the narrative and strengthen the spine of your story. How many courses provide personalized access to an experienced, working screenwriter!” ~ Matt Lintner

“It was obvious to me from the first class that Tom’s screenwriting acumen stems not from theory but from practicing the craft as a working screenwriter. His knowledge of screenwriting and his hands-on experience translates into clear, easy to grasp teachings that benefit beginner as well as more advanced screenwriters. His depth of feedback has helped me tighten my script, develop a clearer theme and flesh out my characters better that any class I’ve taken before”. ~ Ourdia Hodge

“Pages I: Writing the First Draft is the best screenwriting workshop I’ve ever taken, hands down. Not only is the approach informative and comprehensive, it breaks down the writing process into manageable chunks from Fade In to Fade Out.”– Valli Leigh

“Over the years I’ve bought and read many books on screenwriting. None of them got me as far in my goals and understanding as the Pages I: Writing the First Draft course.”– Dawn LeFever

“Until I took Pages I: The First Draft, I often wondered if I would ever finish a screenplay. Pages I not only gave me the tools and knowledge to craft a screenplay and finish it, it changed the way I think about writing.”– Katie Cobb


  • Access courses anytime and anywhere on your computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Learn the craft amidst a supportive, lively, and fun online community from around the world
  • Receive feedback from an instructor who knows the business and has a passion for writing, teaching, learning