Pages II: Rewriting Your Script


Ancient Proverb: “Writing is rewriting.”

Divided into easy to handle, manageable steps, the rewrite can be the very best phase in your screenwriting process.

It’s never easy. But once you are rolling, that rewrite  phase can be fun, exhilarating.

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Class Date: March 26, 2018 [Tom Benedek]

Class Title: Pages II: Rewriting Your Script
Class Type: Online (10 weeks)
Class Presenter: Tom Benedek
Class Price: $795


In this 10-week workshop, you will not only drill down into your story and understand it more clearly, you will get from FADE IN to FADE OUT on your next draft, and move your script toward the point you can bring it to market.


A professional approach to rewriting your script, everything from how to do a clean read assessment to identifying things that work and don’t work, characters and theme, structure and pace, and a structure to spur you from FADE IN to FADE OUT.

  • Two weeks to get perspective/brainstorm and build an outline/beat sheet for your next draft
  • Eight weeks to rewrite your draft, edit changes, polish pages


  • Due dates to motivate you
  • Specific, individualized weekly writing assignments
  • Conveniently scheduled weekly teleconference with instructor and class members
  • One written lecture posted each week
  • Case studies to explore
  • 24/7 online forum Q&As moderated by instructor


  • Screenwriters who are looking for traction in their rewrite process
  • Screenwriters who benefit from a structured environment to motivate them through the rewrite process
  • All writers who want to learn a professional approach to rewriting


“I have taken two classes with Tom, and both were remarkable. I not only learned a great deal, but also found myself part of a very supportive and dedicated community of writers. Tom set a perfect tone, emphasizing craft and commitment while at the same time encouraging us to experiment, play with ideas, and create.” – Erin O’Connor

I have thoroughly enjoyed the lectures and Tom’s insight, encouragement, and feedback. I highly recommend these courses to anybody — from beginners to those farther on the screenwriting path.” – Goran Spoljaric

“Tom is terrific. For someone like me who’s read the basic texts and slogged through writing several less-than-great pilot scripts, his approach and insightful comments were really helpful.” – Chris Cowley

“What makes Tom stand out are: his ethics; his true caring and concern for each student and that student’s work; and his commitment to help each student successfully get what he or she needs to learn next to write a polished script — whether for the big screen or for tv. Thanks, Tom” – Melodie Beattie

“Ever since taking this class, my own ability and confidence as a screenwriter has blossomed and brought my writing goals and ambitions closer than ever.”

— Aarthi Jayaraman


    • Access courses anytime and anywhere on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
    • Learn the craft amidst a supportive, lively, and fun online community from around the world.
    • Receive feedback from instructors who know the business and have a passion for teaching.